'This Bike is a Pipe Bomb' Sticker Causes Chaos at Memphis Airport

If you saw a bicycle with a sticker that read "This Bike is a Pipe Bomb," would you be worried?

If so, imagine the frenzy such a bicycle caused at the airport in Memphis, drawing the response of police and fire personnel prepared for an explosion, MyFOX Memphis reported.

The sticker was fixed to a bicycle chained outside the airport's Terminal C on Monday, prompting police to take the bike's owner into custody and restrict access to the space around the two-wheeled vehicle.

But it seems the bike wasn't actually a pipe bomb. The local FOX affiliate told airport officials that the worrisome phrase was the name of a Florida punk band, and the sticker was common on fans' bikes. Authorities say the bike still was treated as a potential threat.

John Greaud, vice president of airport operations, told MyFOXMemphis that a K9 dog had confirmed that the bike was not an explosive, but the chaos still caused delayed flights.

"Safety of the traveling public is our first concern," Greaud said.

This is not the first time the "This Bike is a Pipe Bomb" sticker caused chaos. In 2006, Ohio University shut down when an officer found a bike unattended with the sticker on it.

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