Things Can Change in a Moment

A week ago today.

If media reports are right, last Friday...just seven days ago...Eliot Spitzer was informed the feds were onto him.

The prostitution ring. The phone calls. The secret trysts at a Washington hotel. Everything.

Eliot Spitzer's world was crumbling.

And outside of investigators, he was the only one who knew it.

His wife didn't know.

His kids didn't know.

His closest staffers didn't know.

Within hours, he'd start telling them.

His wife, reportedly a whole 48 hours.

He'd show up the next day at a big Washington dinner.

He was laughing, joking, seemed fine.

Then on Monday, it was over. He was over.

Incredible. Not his sordid story.

But how quickly it was told, and closed.

And a reminder to us all that things change quickly.

Promising careers shot down in a moment.

Unknown ones emerging the very next moment.

Just like that.

I know I'm not saying anything profound, save this profound truth in life.

We live in the moment, but forget it's just the moment.

Taking the results of a single primary, or a single day sell off and discerning some larger, longer, more lasting meaning.

Until the moment changes and it all means something else.

Beware such sweeping predictions. They're made in the moment, until the moment they change.

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