They're In the Money!

The next time you hear professional sports guys say they're hurting, I want you to remember Times Square, Thursday, September 5. A tailgate party to end all tailgate parties.

Tens of thousands swarmed New York's Times Square for a National Football League kickoff fest, the likes of which we have never seen.

There was hip-hop artist Eve, R and B singer Alicia Keys, my daughter's favorite Enrique Iglesias and New Jersey rocker Jon Bon Jovi leading them all for this unprecedented pre-game kickoff.

I was in the middle of all this leaving work and one thing came to this business reporter's mind: How much is all this costing?

For the nearly 6,000 cops on hand -- close to $1 million just for the overtime. It must have been chump change for the NFL, because I understand they're also donating $4.5 million for a future project in Lower Manhattan and $500,000 toward some Sept. 11 event.

Add that to the $14 million in airtime to promote the city during football games and you get the picture: The NFL has money -- a lot of it.

Which is good for the Fox Broadcast Network and I guess, me, by extension because we cover a few NFL games.

Just don't let me hear these franchise guys crying the money blues. Not when they throw a party like this.

Let's be clear, athletes and owners, baseball and football -- they're not hurting. But, boy, they are partying.

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