There's Nothing Heroic About Evil

I recently got this note from John, all the way in Melbourne, Australia:

"Neil Cavuto does not know what he is talking about by calling the September 11 attacks terrorism. The attacks were military strikes against the U.S.A. for its terrorism (what Americans call military action by them or Israel or the United Kingdom) against thousands of Arabs over several decades... Cavuto is nothing more than a brainless, ignorant, dumb, stupid, fat Catholic Italian American."

Fat?  I much prefer hefty.

But to your bigger point, John: you're an ass and here's why.

If these attacks were "military actions," then I'm Jack Lalanne.

I'm not and they're not.

Killing innocent people whose greatest sin was showing up for work isn't justice, it's cowardice. Storming planes doesn't make you Patton, it does make you pathetic. And spouting your cause by ramming those planes into buildings doesn't make you awe-inspiring, just awful.

This is not the time to try to explain evil, but to combat it. Not to justify attacks, but to counter those attacks. Save the hand ringing and psychobabble about what this country did and didn't do for someone with a sympathetic ear. I'm not that guy, John.

You call me brainless, and ignorant. Well, I'm smart enough to know this: the 7,000 people who died three weeks ago weren't soldiers. They weren't terrorists. They were just average Joe's and Joanne's unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. They did nothing wrong.

America has made its mistakes. But for the life of me, I can't ever recall our dancing in the streets after killing a bunch of innocent people. I'm a business guy. So I see things pretty black and white and this much is clear.

There's nothing heroic about being evil. Sometimes it's like a lousy stock. You know it just looking at it.

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