There's a New Easter Bunny in Town

I'm not saying the Easter Bunny should be worried; but he should be looking over his shoulder, because there's someone else out there handing out goodies.

And no offense, E.B. — this Easter Bunny's hopping all over you. Beat you to the goodies, beat you with the goodies, beat you spending more for the goodies — and a lot more goodies at that — and not just once a year. Try darn near every day of the year.

Yep. Hate to break it to you, fur ball: These guys are having a fur ball at your expense.

That's right — "guys." More than one. Because you're not up against just a Brer Rabbit; I'm talking a whole Brer Rabbit patch. Hundreds of them in Congress and at the White House breeding goodie baskets like, well, rabbits.

And get this, E.B.: They're doing it not with their money, but the very folks to whom they're giving these baskets' money.

Imagine that — they're digging in someone else's rabbit hole. And let me tell you, it's a pretty deep hole. Deepest anyone's seen in these parts, ever. To fill the biggest goodie baskets, ever.

Forget jelly beans and colored eggs. These guys are talking highway projects and full medical.

Oh yeah, E.B., they say there's plenty more where that came from — more bridges and roads, more job programs and benefits, more credits for homebuyers, more incentives for car buyers, more college loans without the fuss, more mortgage forgiveness programs without the hassle.

All carrots, no sticks. At least not any they're showing now. Big stuff. Makes your piddling basket look like kids' stuff.

Hate to break it to you, E.B., but I think you just could be stuffed. Because these guys mean business not only one day a year; they're in it for keeps every day of the year.

I know, this is hardly the news to make your Reese's' peanut butter cup runneth over. I'm just saying, be careful, E.B. Because these guys are about to run you over.

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