The WMD Controversy Heats Up

The left-wing press really amuses me.

Anyone who watches “The Factor” knows we have been very critical of the failure of U.S. intelligence over the WMDs in Iraq. And indeed, a recent poll said that half of the 30,000 of you who voted believe President Bush should admit his administration made a mistake on WMDs. Our analysis of the situation has been clear and to the point: The CIA blew it.

But then I go on "Good Morning America" yesterday and say that I'm personally sorry my analysis on WMDs before the war was wrong and I'm angry about the CIA mistake. I mean, any honest commentator would say that, but the left-wing press sees my admission as some kind of liberal policy vindication and is using my words to hammer the president.

Well, that's dishonest. I still believe removing Saddam was the right thing to do and that history will prove it. And there's also the possibility that WMDs will be found, so I might have to apologize for my apology. I don't mind. I still hope they find WMDs.

But at this point, President Bush should retire George Tenet, the CIA chief. This is the third huge mistake the agency has made. First, the Chinese embassy was bombed in Belgrade because we didn't know where it was. Second, September 11. And third, WMDs. Enough is enough. Tenet should go.

I don't think President Bush lied about WMDs, but he should be stronger in fixing U.S. intelligence. That's the bottom line here. My mistake was not being skeptical enough about the CIA's reporting on WMDs. But the left-wing press, which is so happy about all this, has made dozens of mistakes itself and continues to deny that the world is a better place because Saddam is gone.

Here is a bulletin for you people: The world is a better place and a safer place and America has saved thousands of lives by removing Saddam, something we had the absolute legal right to do.

And one more thing, while most “Factor” viewers understand that our goal here is to look out for the folks, you, not promote a political party or philosophy, still some don't get it. There weren't many, but some e-mails castigated me for having the audacity to criticize the president. Once again, we hold everyone accountable. And if you can't handle that, I'm sorry. That's not an apology. Simply a disappointment that some Americans can't handle independent thought, both on the right and on the left.

And that's The Memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

There are tremors in Southern California because “The Factor” is heading west next week. The schedule is amazing.

On Monday, I'm going to see "The Passion of Christ," Mel Gibson's movie. We'll have a report for you on Tuesday, I hope. On Wednesday, I'll be doing the Jay Leno program. It's always nice to have “Factor” fans in the audience there. On Thursday, I'll be appearing at the Wadsworth Theater in Brentwood at 7:30. Please call KABC Radio for details. And then on Friday, I'll be signing copies of "Who's Looking Out for You?" and "Those Who Trespass" at the Barnes & Noble by Farmer's Market off Fairfax.

On Saturday, I'll be in a coma. You can visit me at Cedar Sinai Hospital. Can you sign books in a coma? It might be ridiculous, but we're going to have a good time out there.

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