The Winning Side

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Not long ago, the Saudis were dead set against a war to get rid of Saddam Hussein. Here's what Saudi rep Adel Al-Jubeir (search) had to say before the war: "We believe that the Iraq situation is an arms control problem and not a terrorism problem… use of force at this time would not serve America's interests, or the interests of the region."

But now the Saudi Ambassador, Prince Bandar Bin Sultan (search), can't wrap the Saudi flag tightly enough around U.S. policy on Iraq. He praised the war at a luncheon in Houston last week, saying that Saddam's removal "couldn't happen by poetry. It had to happen the way that it did… the good of it outweighs all the pain that was caused by the process."

The ambassador even beat up on Europeans opposed to the war, saying: "It's amazing how people who were doing everything possible to derail the success" of the Iraq war now "feel they have the right to reconstruction contracts. It just takes so much chutzpah."

Now, Yiddish from a Saudi Prince is a rare thing. But so, too, was the kingdom's flip-flop on the war. Why the change? Maybe they just like the winning side.

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