The Ultimate Arby’s Run

Sometimes, you'll do anything to get your hands on some Arby's.

Two North Platte, Neb., men are facing up to 20 years in jail for allegedly breaking into an Arby's Roast Beef Restaurant (search) while drunk to fire up the grill in the middle of the night, according to the North Platte Bulletin.

Police said quite a fiesta ensued, with beer cans lying everywhere and the fryers fired up once officers arrived at the scene.

Eighteen-year-olds Ian M. Nichelsen and Tyler P. Clouatre apparently felt so at home inside the restaurant that they answered a phone from a 911 operator who had been tipped off by an Arby's employee who arrived to open for the day at 4:30 a.m. and saw two men inside.

The men, using a fake name, told the operator everything was fine and no burglars were in the store.

Not believing a word of it, the operator dispatched police to the scene, who promptly caught the two amateur chefs on the roof of the building.

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S.C. Cops Find Naked Man Dangling From Ceiling

DARLINGTON, S.C. (AP) — Police responding to an alarm at a cash advance business found a naked man hanging from the ceiling early Thursday morning.

An officer answering the alarm noticed tiles, insulation, wires and metal braces hanging from the roof and on the floor of the Check 'n Go, Darlington Police Lt. Danny Watson said.

A naked man with scrapes all over his body then dropped from the ceiling and tried to open the front door and leave, according to a police report.

"He had a charming story to go along with it though. He said somebody threw his keys on the roof and that's why he was up there," Watson said. "He kind of got a little fuzzy on the 'taking all his clothes off and sliding in the store' part."

Police think 22-year-old Michael Gilbert took off his clothes so he could fit through an air vent on the roof, Watson said.

Gilbert has been charged with burglary. The cash advance business doesn't keep money on the premises, police said.

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Utah Man Arrested Over Naked Shopping

CLEARFIELD, Utah (AP) — No shirt, no shoes — and no pants — has landed a Utah man in legal trouble.

Last month a 51-year-old man allegedly entered a local convenience store in the buff on multiple occasions. Clearfield police say in August he also made a trip through a restaurant drive-thru, in the buff.

City prosecutors have charged the man in justice court with misdemeanor lewdness. But now the Davis County District Attorney's Office is investigating allegations of witness tampering, which could result in third-degree felony charges.

Police say that over the past week, the man has telephoned the same convenience store, asking for permission to enter the business naked.

He was attempting to talk clerks out of testifying against him, said Greg Krusi, assistant police chief for Clearfield.

Clerks called police, who kept watch outside the store. They witnessed the man approach the business, strip down and walk inside, Krusi said.

Krusi said officers arrested the man and booked him into the Davis County jail for allegedly driving under the influence, lewdness and telephone harassment.

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Mistake Leads to 29-Cent Gas

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — One gas station manager's mistake paid off for Lincoln drivers who were in the right place at the right time Friday.

For 30 to 45 minutes, three of the Kabredlo's Convenience Store's four pumps sold premium unleaded gas for 29 cents a gallon.

Gas hasn't been that cheap since 1955, according to AAA Nebraska.

As news of the cheap fuel spread, lines formed at the store, said Max Wolfe, who was doing landscaping for Kabredlo's.

Wolfe and his co-workers took time out to fill up. "I was on [empty], and I filled my tank up for $4," Wolfe said. "It made my day."

Nathan Olson said he usually pays $72 to fill his gas-guzzling 1998 Ford F-150. Friday, he filled the tank three-quarters full for $3.50.

The store manager who said she made the mistake didn't give her name.

On average, Lincoln gas stations are charging $2.93 a gallon for gas, according to AAA.

Chinese Painter Uses Tongue as a Brush

SHANGHAI, China (AP) — Enjoy painting but fed up with those hard-to-clean brushes? Chinese businessman Wang Yide has a way around the hassle: He paints with his tongue.

Wang, who runs a photo shop in the quiet southwestern town of Jianyan, recently gave a demonstration for journalists from a newspaper in the area, the Chengdu Evening News. He tongue-painted pictures of a lotus flower and a laughing Buddha.

"He was somewhat embarrassed when he slurped and drooled ink during his painting," the official Xinhua News Agency said, citing the newspaper.

Wang, who Xinhua said was about 50 years old, said he learned the skill from the technique's inventor, Huang Ernan, who died last year.

The report said Wang warned the uninitiated against trying the art without proper guidance, saying inks and pigments could be poisonous. It didn't say, however, how he avoided poisoning himself.

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