Great Britain is a country of some 60 million people, 24 of which officially complained — writing letters officially about something I said in this spot six months ago.

That started an investigation, which is now complete and a verdict on me has been rendered by the British government.

I'm not going to repeat what I said because basically, we like the Brits... and we really don't want to rub salt in the wound.

The Brits were wounded when one of their mightiest institutions — a media outlet of some considerable power — got caught fudging the truth... in fact, fudging it so far it fell into what I called the "L" word zone.

This particular "L" word does not involve sexual orientation, but instead is a description of a person who willingly distorts the truth. You know the word. If you are called it, you get very mad.

Anyway, they got mad because I called them this word — this horrible "L" word.

Twenty-four out of 60 million got mad enough to write letters and launch an investigation, and now the Brit government says I expressed opinions not buttressed by the truth.

This is not so. My opinions about this major Brit media outfit are entirely buttressed by the truth, and they know it... which is what makes them so mad.

The Guardian newspaper in Britain now says this particular "My Word" from last January was so incendiary it "shocked many in the U.K."

I can't imagine that's accurate. I shocked many in the U.K.? How is that possible if they listen to and believe their major media outlet, which routinely trashes Americans, the American president, the American military and American policy?

That is what is truly shocking, and I suspect that even though 24 Brits complained, the vast majority knows that all the nasty things the major media outlet says about us cannot be true.

That's My Word.

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