The Truth Behind the Titillation

Here's the issue with this Janet Jackson (search) thing: Either everyone's lying, or everyone's loving the fuss.

Here's what I think: It's both.

Janet Jackson gets some controversy and desperately needed publicity ahead of the release of her latest album. And if she's so shocked, why was she wearing a pastie? But I digress.

MTV gets everyone talking about MTV.

CBS gets everyone talking about how hip and decidedly non-old fogy this once notoriously un-hip and old fogy network has become.

And even the National Football League gets people buzzing about how this is about much more than football.

All of these guys say they're offended and shocked. But don't you know they're salivating about what kind of buzz they can offend and shock us with next year?

I'm the business guy here and this is all business.

We've pushed the envelope everywhere else. Why not push it here?

Look, MTV practically predicted what would happen on its Web site.

CBS trumpeted the hot halftime show in its commercials.

And Janet Jackson? Well, she's a Jackson – enough said.

Just don't tell me you're shocked and awed by a rip and a breast. You'd have to be a boob to believe it.

And a network executive... to milk it.

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