The Tide is Turning Against Saddam Hussein

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It is death for David Westerfield. Details in a moment.

But first, the Talking Points Memo this evening.

The tide is turning against Saddam Hussein, and in favor of President Bush.

Saudi Arabia now says it will allow American troops based in the kingdom to attack Iraq if the USA gets a U.N. mandate, blah, blah, blah.  I'll tell you one thing, these Saudis are good at covering their butts.  They know that after Bush's speech at the U.N., the Security Council will most likely insist Saddam let weapons inspectors back in, so now the Saudis are going along.

Many other nations are doing the same thing, like Egypt.  They all fear the wrath of the Bush administration.

Two countries, however, will never be able to cozy up to Mr. Bush again.  Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder of Germany has used anti-American sentiment in his reelection campaign, so even if he does retain his office, he's out in the USA.  And Canada's prime minister, Jean Chretien, has just been brutal in his support of the war on terror.  He's leaving office, but Canada has certainly taking a hit here in America.  We'll have more on that in a little while.

On the home front, Senator Tom Daschle continues his foolish statements.  One footnote here, full disclosure, I'm not a fan of the senator's.  It has nothing to do with ideology.  We respect Democrats like John Kerry, John Edwards, and Joseph Lieberman, but Daschle will not answer our questions and is so partisan that Talking Points believes he puts his party above what is good for the country.

Anyway, Daschle contends that an attack on Iraq would wreak havoc with global stability.

With all due respect, senator, what global stability is that?  Did you miss 9/11?  Did you miss the recent report from London that Iraq has deadly biological weapons and is close to developing nuclear devices?

Maybe I am missing the global security that you are embracing, Mr. Daschle.  Please explain it to me.

Remember, Daschle had no problem doing what was needed to be done to Saddam Hussein under President Clinton back in '98.

Talking Points knows rank politics when it sees it, and Daschle is the champ.

The other argument some Americans are embracing is that nothing has changed with Iraq, so why remove Saddam now?  This is another imbecilic thesis.  Nothing has changed?  How about the USA in a war against terrorists, people that Saddam Hussein like and admire, people that would be happy to take a suitcase full of anthrax from him anywhere, any time?

So the appeasers have now lost momentum, and what is likely to happen is that Iraq will allow the U.N. inspectors in, and more games will be played.  Fine, we'll play the games.

But clear-thinking Americans know evil when they see it, and Saddam is evil.  They also know that evil will find a way to subject and destroy human beings.  Saddam will ultimately have to be dealt with once and for all, but don't expect fast action.

And that's The Memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day."

Our old pal, Janet Reno, is suing over the voting chaos in Florida.  She says it's responsible for her losing the Democratic primary for governor.

Now we're not sticking up for the State of Florida's election situation, but isn't it interesting that, in the presidential race down there, many Democrats accused Republicans of corruption.  But now, in an all Democratic primary, you don't see any fingers being pointed at the Dems themselves?

The true spin is that the State of Florida has enormous problems on a number of fronts, and it has nothing to do with ideology.  It has to do with poor organization and administration in many Florida counties.

Ridiculous?  You bet.

But, hey, Janet Reno, you lost.  See you.

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