The Things Viewers Write

It's 12:24 p.m. Friday. Normally I'd be getting the finishing touches on my 'do — compliments of "Donna the Hair Babe" — but things have been shaken up a bit today in case you haven't heard.

As I write, there are reports of shots fired in/around the Rayburn House Office Building down in D.C. I'm looking at "new video" just in of a woman on a stretcher being wheeled into an ambulance. This will certainly be dated by the time you read, so I'll refrain from speculating. Because of the breaking news, "DaySide" is canceled for today. We'll let our folks on the ground in D.C. handle the story...

My apologies to those of you who were planning in sitting in the audience today. Hope you can join us in the future.

Now for some viewer e-mail:

E-mail No. 1

I'd just like to let ya know that I love the "improvisational" and "adaptive" style of your show. When you screw up, you screw up with style and we all get a good laugh. It's nice to see people who don't take themselves so seriously all the time.
Ben Bradley
International Zone
Baghdad, Iraq

Ben, I never thought I'd be flattered by the line, "When you screw up, you screw up with style..." Nice! Mike and I enjoy the hell out of what we do here on "DaySide." Hopefully it shows. For some, I think that may be the problem!

E-mail No. 2

Dear Juliet, you are the highlight of our nights here in Afghanistan. "DaySide" comes on at 17:00 Zulu (Greenwich Mean Time), which is 9:30 p.m. local time as we begin our night shift here. Through the last month, we have informally started the Juliet Huddy Fan Club, Afghanistan Chapter, and as the founder and president, thanks for making our nights here start with a smile.
Thanks for your excellent segment on our Marine brothers coming home from Iraq and for keeping us in your thoughts during this Fleet Week.
Very Respectfully,
CPT Wayne F. Rush
FOB Salerno, Afghanistan

Aww, shucks. That's very flattering and so very much appreciated. You are all, obviously, cordially invited to be my special guests if you're ever in the NYC area. Please keep in touch and be safe. And thank you.

So as not to let you think I'm getting cocky...

E-mail No. 3

When are you going to bring back the real deal, the genuine article? Linda Vester, a TRUE professional. The J & T team is a joke!!!! Your biggest downfall is Juliet with her lame high school-ish behavior. Bring back the pro... Linda Vester and let's get this show on the road.

Come on Karl, life wouldn't be fun without a little lame high school behavior thrown in every once in a while. On that note, have a great weekend. Even you, Karl.


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