The Teachers' Union Controversy

Why would an organization that is supposed to be interested in teaching children be involved in a movement whose aim is to make it possible for people to kill them? Am I talking about the Taliban, or the homicide bombers in Israel or the nut cases in Iraq?

No, I'm talking about our own National Education Association (search); the teachers' union; the overseers of America's public schools; the biggest left-wing education lobby in the country that constantly appeals for more money for schools while presiding over a bureaucracy that insures much of that money never gets to the classroom.

But why is the NEA joining forces in a "March for Freedom of Choice" tomorrow in Washington with the likes of NARAL (search), National Organization for Women (search), the American Civil Liberties Union (search) and other liberal groups? And why are they ignoring their pro-life membership? You can bet that not a single pro-life teacher — and there are thousands of them — will have a chance to speak to the crowd, anymore than pro-life Democrats get to speak at that party's national convention.

The NEA and the Democratic Party are in cahoots. Abortion is a political and moral issue, not an education issue.

The NEA has enough on its plate trying to teach children how to read, write and do math. It isn't doing too good a job, according to education statistics extending over several years. Maybe the NEA thinks if it can kill more children before they are born, they won't have to worry about not teaching them.

Pro-life teachers might want to consider resigning from this union. Even better, more and more parents may wish to put their children in schools where they get a real education and where human life is honored and appreciated.

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