The Surge No One Is Talking About

You hear a lot a talk these days about this troop surge. But no talk — not even a peep — about this economic surge.

Plenty of criticism about more soldiers in Iraq. Nothing about more workers in America.

A mission wasted there, we're told. An economy shockingly resilient here, we're not told.

The president's got no plan for the battle there and his critics say, it shows. He seems to have a pretty good plan for this better than 50-month long recovery here and his critics say, it doesn't show.

The war's a disaster and don't they say it. The economy's not, and don't they deny it.

Saying is if you're going to bemoan a surge in troops, would it kill you to talk up a surge in numbers? Like jobs: 97,000 more last month — consistently that and more every month.

Like retail sales — still strong.

Worker productivity — still vibrant.

And budget deficits — still shrinking.

No, we hear the bad and assume the worst. Just as they ignore the good and apparently hope for the worst.

It's American to debate and criticize. It's politics to pick and choose.

We're seeing a surge, all right — in bull and, pardon my language, in crap.

And let's say I just think it stinks.

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