The Steroid Scandal

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Friday looks like it's going to be another busy news day. When "DaySide" goes on the air at 1p.m. ET, Terri Schiavo's (search) feeding tube is scheduled to be removed while she lies in her bed at a Florida hospice. As I write this, there is a monumental fight going on to stop the removal: The U.S. House and Senate and Florida Legislature are all scrambling to pass bills to keep Terri's feeding tube in place. I can't even begin to predict what will happen, but we'll have all the breaking news on "DaySide."

We'll also have the latest on the Johnny Couey (search), currently being questioned in the disappearance of 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford (search). He's a sex offender; but is he the culprit?

On the steroid scandal, I'll have the parents of a college athlete on the show with me; that athlete was Efrain Marrero (search). Efrain died several weeks after he stopped taking steroids. Personally, I think pro athletes ARE influencing younger kids. They see the stars juicing on steroids, and believe they have too as well, if they're going to have any chance in high school and college sports. THAT is what I really worry about. Expunging records achieved by players on 'roids? I say yes, absolutely — but I don't have much faith that anyone has the guts to do that and level the playing field.

Also, an interesting legal case — an Internet millionaire is suing former Attorney General John Ashcroft (search). Why? Because he says it's wrong for airlines to demand he show ID before boarding a plane. John Gilmore (search) says there's a thin line between safety and tyranny, and he thinks being asked for ID crosses that line. Okayyyyyyy.... but why does his gripe give him grounds for a lawsuit? And why does John make an exception for international airlines? He's happy to show his passport when flying to another country. Beats me. But John will be on the show Friday, so e-mail me any questions/comments you have for him. The address is, as always:

Plus, Catherine Crier (search) will be here to talk about her new book that reveals "untold" details of the Scott Peterson case. She's open to answering viewer e-mail, so fire away at the above address.

See you on the air.


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