The State of America is One of Dangerous Doublespeak

The Democratic Party is trying to sneak one past the American people. And the man who is trying to pull the wool over everyone's eyes is Congressman John Murtha (D-Penn.).

Now three weeks ago Murtha suggested cutting off funding to the troops in Iraq. But 54 percent of the American people said they didn't support cutting off funds to the troops. And the Democratic caucus of San Francisco Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that they didn't have the votes to cut off such a plan.

But Murtha won't give up. And now his carefully chosen language reveals that even Democrats are sensitive to the political repercussions of abandoning Iraq. During an interview this morning on "Meet the Press," Murtha refused to use the word "withdrawal" in reference to taking the troops out of Iraq.

Instead he insists on using the word, quote, "redeployment." As if leaving the battlefield for the relative safety of Okinawa can be seen as anything other than a retreat.


REP. JOHN MURTHA (D), PENNSYLVANIA: Redeployment is the first move. Redeployment, I think, is the first step. I would like to see a redeployment. The reason I want redeployment.


Now Murtha and liberal friends know that they can't be seen as waving the white flag, so instead they hide behind partisan rhetoric all the while undermining our troops and discounting this threat to America.

Having listened to their dangerous rhetoric, well, we thought Democrats could learn a little something from the "Great Communicator" himself. So, we pulled out of the vault one of Ronald Reagan's greatest speeches to remind the cut and runners about the kind of words that should be used when facing down a dangerous enemy. --Now we are going to play that for you a little bit later in the show when we answer the question, so what would Reagan do?

And that's the "State of America" tonight.