The Skeletons in Scott Ritter's Closet

Earth to Scott Ritter...

Scott, even Pete Townshend offered something better when he was found to be messing with the kids.

Ritter, you may have heard, has — through his attorney — admitted he was arrested once, and was on another occasion confronted by police when it appeared he had tried to arrange a date with an underage girl he met in an Internet chat room.

Ritter is also the former weapons inspector in Iraq who has become a vocal opponent of military action against Saddam Hussein, and has argued that the Iraqi dictator has no weapons of mass destruction.

When Townshend got caught using a kiddie porn Web site, he claimed he was doing research for a book. You almost expected Ritter was going to say he wanted to meet the girls to warn them about Internet chat rooms.

Instead, he gives us this: It's a darn shame he didn't avoid that chat room, and an even darner shame he made a date with a girl — actually, an undercover officer — who allegedly represented herself as underage.

Ritter pled the case out and got the records sealed, thinks it's nobody's business and keeps saying, "Hey, war is more important than this stuff."

Well, here's reality. War and peace are important. And advice on whether to make war or make peace best comes from those with the good judgement to know adults should leave the kids alone.

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