The Secret's Out

Dear Viewers,

This is being written from the San Francisco airport. After Thursday night’s show, we raced to the airport to catch my favorite -- the red eye -- back to the East Coast. We could fly tomorrow but, after a few days on the road, we all want to get home even if it means sitting up all night on a plane.

The secret is out. We interviewed O.J. Simpson (search) last week and will air it on Monday in its entirety. I am curious to see the interview on the screen. Interviews are so different in person than they are on the screen. It has been 10 years since he was found not guilty in the murder trial and liable in the civil trial. We wanted to see what his like is life -- so we called and asked him to sit for an interview.

Thursday night's show was "interesting." You may have heard Geoff Feiger's comments about prosecutors. He surprised all of us by his remarks, but Geoff is never dull. When we went to break, those of us in Redwood City overheard a conversation between Jeanine Pirro and Geoff.

Jeanine, the Westchester County DA, was in New York and Geoff was in Detroit. Apparently she wanted to talk to Geoff and asked that the audio guy open up her mike to him. I don't know if the audio guy could just open hers and Geoff's alone... but I do know that he opened all our mikes and earpieces. This meant that Laura Ingle, Jim Hammer and I in Redwood City could hear Jeanine and Geoff talk.

And what did we hear? We heard Jeanine say, "Geoff, I ought to slap you around for that remark." She was laughing as she was giving him hell. You could tell she was teasing and just giving Geoff hell for his remark. Laura, Jim and I were laughing and I feared we would be laughing when the break ended and the camera was back on us.

Laughter can look totally inappropriate --- especially when the underlying topic of the show is so tragic. If you have the whole story, you understand. If you don't have the whole story, we risk appearing to be insensitive.


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