The Reality of Terror

So now, there's a German hostage in Iraq.

Susanne Osthoff, an aid worker who only wanted to help Iraqis, from a country that only wanted to avoid Iraqis.

Then there's Harmeet Singh Sooden. He's from Canada, another country that wanted nothing to do with this war. Now he's a hostage in this war.

Before that, there was a French journalist.

Before that, there was a Belgian relief worker.

Reminders, as if we needed them, that simply avoiding the tiger doesn't mean you still don't risk ending up in the belly of the tiger.

Because the tiger doesn't care. The tiger doesn't discern. And the tiger doesn't pick and choose.

The tiger — like the terrorist — shows no discretion.

Some who avoid the tiger think they can avoid his wrath. But they fail to recognize that the tiger is a beast, capable of beastly things.

There are those who say if you avoid the terrorists, they will avoid you. But that's assuming terrorists are human and not tigers.

That's assuming that they are rational and not dangerous, that they are sane and not nuts.

The Iraqi landscape is littered with well-intentioned volunteers who thought by doing good they might somehow never risk encountering bad.

Their eyes have been open. Even though right now... their eyes have been blindfolded.

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