What a bunch of warmongers we have — I mean, oh, they're in the White House. America is fighting the war in Iraq. They're fighting Afghanistan, Usama bin Laden, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and now, these people have taken on another enemy: Fox News.

I want to show you exactly where the enemy is located according to the White House. Are you ready? So you have a map of New York City, and the enemy is right — got to go down Sixth Avenue. There's Times Square. The enemy is in this building right here. That is the enemy. Look out America. I want to make sure that we have the location of the enemy.

So, what the White House would like to do is — you know, forget about our own borders down south. Forget about that. Let's just — hey, you know those guys who are risking their lives right now in Afghanistan? Yes, they can wait. What we need are troops and maybe a plane — of course, I don't want to fly a plane. Didn't our government learn not to fly a plane around Manhattan. You know what, in case you didn't learn the first time, you should not fly the plane. We'll leave the plane over here.

By the way, didn't that guy, when he got in trouble, he went over to John Podesta's place — what is that, the Center for American Progress, which is the same place that Van Jones went after he left in the cover of darkness. Wow, there must be something going on with the White House and John Podesta. Why would anybody in the press ask that?

Anyway, I'm showing where the enemy is. So, we got, we got the missiles pointed right at Fox. And let's make sure that everybody understands — this is the enemy, America! Everything that's going wrong in the country happening right here!

Let me tell you something — write this day down in your journal, because this is a new thing. We haven't seen anything like this. OK, yes, JFK, he did cancel the newspaper one time when he got really upset, but then he re-subscribed. And there was that enemy list with Nixon, but I think the enemy list, I believe that whole thing, that was just who's not coming to state dinners. I could be wrong. I don't think that they've used White House resources, your tax dollars, to target the media before. But why would anybody who believes, like Van Jones, that Marxism is the way to go? You know, Karl Marx said that about 20 percent of the population should be eliminated?

Anyway, I digress. Why would you bother? Free speech is under attack. In the coming days, I'm going to show you exactly how this administration is consolidating power, and how your right to speak out and your right to hear, simply opposing voices, people who are asking legitimate questions, are all under assault. I'm going to show you the tangled web that there is, and it all really goes down to one thing: a sound bite that I have been playing over and over again. And I think this is one of the most important things that Obama has said that you need to understand, because it reveals so much:


THEN-ILLINOIS STATE SENATOR BARACK OBAMA (2001): The Supreme Court never ventured into the issues of redistribution of wealth, and, sort of, more basic issues of political and economic justice in the society. One of the, I think, the tragedies of the civil rights movement was because the civil rights movement became so court focused, I think that there was a tendency to lose track of the political and community organizing and activities on the ground that are able to put together the actual coalitions of power through which you bring about redistributive change.


Wow! I didn't know we wanted to bring about redistributive change, did you? I was thinking this whole free-market thing was OK, where you can dream and make a better mousetrap and make money. No, no. No, no. Let's look at the words again, "redistributive change." Again, key words, "was a tendency to lose track of the political and community organizing" — that was happening on the ground — "that could put together the actual, actual coalitions of power which would bring about the redistributive change."

Hmm, the coalitions of power. Wow. That's kind of spooky sounding, huh? Let's just stick to some of the big ones, and the way to bring about redistributive change with coalitions of power. Remember that, coalitions of power, because what our government is supposed to do is protect you from those coalitions of power. That's what it's supposed to do, protect you so you can live your dream and pursue your dream.

But let's start with the protection coming on the new health care plan. It's for you, remember. Are you sick? Do you cough and have a temperature? We're the government. We're here to help. You know we have a crisis in this country. We can't go another second without government health care because there are a bazillion people right now dying in the streets!

I wish I had a phone I could call Anita at the White House. She works, by the way, we think — we're not sure — we think she works downstairs in the basement down there, but we're not sure. But she's watching right now, so I apologize. Did I say bajillion or did I say gazillion? I don't know. She's got to look at the record and then she has to say, "How do I spell that? Gazillion, is it G-O-Z, G-A-J?" I don't know. And I'm not the guy to come to for spelling, Anita. I can't help you, either. But relax, because I know that there really aren't a bajillion or a gazillion people dying in the streets, kind of like America knows that when your boss says, "Hey, free health care," you don't really mean that either, because it's not free.

The question is: What is it actually going to cost? No, no, no, better question, one that Fox News is asking: Why do they hate America so much? The question is: Who really benefits? Who's actually being helped here? Because remember, it's all about you. Oh, they love you so much.

Well, let's look at this. Right now, if you'll say you get prostrate cancer, OK? That's kind of bad. One out of every six men watching right now, one out of six, are going to get prostrate cancer. Here in America, you have a 90 percent chance of survival, 90 percent. Only 10 percent are going to die — 10 percent in America. Now, where they have that great universal health coverage in the U.K., well, it shoots up a little bit by — no, not 60, but 604 percent. But that, just that, that's it. Your chance of dying in Norway is only 457 percent.

Oh, yes! So, don't worry about it. If you're in Canada — remember, this is all about you — if you're in Canada or Great Britain and somebody has cancer or needs to have a hip replaced, or maybe mom has cancer and she needs radiation -- do you know anybody that needs radiation treatments? Don't worry. We're from the government, and we're here to help you. I hope it's not that quick-acting cancer — because if you had that quick-acting cancer, you're going to wait only for a hip replacement, radiation, two times longer. In fact, in some cases, up to a year you could be waiting.

Yes. So, it doesn't benefit you, because you stink, you don't really understand. It must benefit the doctors, right? Well, what do they think about it? I mean, besides the grassroots of white coats who visited the White House, you know, that wasn't staged or funded by the liberal progressives Tides Corporation at all — no, it wasn't. You go to college. You want to be a doctor. Do you remember when mom used to say, "Well, maybe you can marry a doctor or maybe he'll become a doctor?" Well, not anymore, because people going to school now to be doctors are coming out with a mountain of debt — 41 percent of the students have an excess of $150,000 and a significant minority has higher than $350,000 in debt. Experts predict it could be $750,000 by 2033.

Wow, that's great! Imagine doing all of that work and having that debt and not being able to make money. You combine that with increasing popular view that doctors are just ripping out tonsils out of kids that don't need their tonsils ripped out or cutting people's feet off just because the doctor wants to make a few extra bucks. Do you really think that you're going to see an increase in medical students? I don't think so — and especially consider that the percentage of doctors who say they'll quit if this is passed is only 45 percent.

No worries. You're going to be able to find a good doctor. Really, you will. So, it doesn't help the doctors.

Well, where else? Who else? Oh! I love this. Who is everybody else that could be helped?

How about pharmaceutical companies? Do you know the pharmaceutical companies pledged $80 billion in reductions? In return, President Obama said, "Hey, don't worry about us negotiating lower drug prices. I mean, we're not going to — we won't do that." Oh, well, that's fantastic! No worries! Big pill is helped out.

How about places like AARP? President Obama is cutting $500 million, is that what it is, from Medicare, with — yes, $500 million from Medicare with a big chunk of it, about $160 million coming from Medicare Advantage. A hundred sixty million, that's — by the way, Medicare Advantage is gap insurance. What the government doesn't cover, this insurance from AARP covers. But if they do that, wow, people are going to need more gap insurance, and guess who sells gap insurance? It's — hmm.

And, of course, the unions — they open the door eventually getting all of their health care expenses off the books. The unions can't make it with all these promises that they've made to people, and they get it all shoved on to the government rolls. Unions like SEIU.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Billion not million — $160 billion!

BECK: Thank you — $160 billion. Sorry, that was $160 billion. It's only better for them. Did we get a call from Anita or is that just on our own?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That was on our own.

BECK: OK. See, we're doing your job for you, Anita. OK. So, we're back to SEIU. Remember, they have 1.1 million members in health care, 1.1. They're the giant union. They're the ones who have the health care town hall meetings. They were the ones beating up anybody who disagreed. Do you are remember that? That's SEIU. Yes, beating up a black preacher. That was pretty cool. They're also that happens to be the largest health care union in America. Yes, yes. That includes the nurses and the LPNs and the doctors and the, you know, the lab techs and the nursing home workers and everybody else. How closely tied to Obama SEIU?

Well, here's one. In 2009, just this last August 20, Andy Stern, the head of SEIU, was bragging on his blog about, "Yes, I get Obama on the phone all the time." He also meets with the president in the Oval Office once a week. Oh, and May 11, 2009, SEIU had a meeting with big pharmaceuticals just to work out some details there on how to make this work. By the way, I want to play some things. How closely tied in is Obama to SEIU? I want to play something that we got from Breitbart TV, a clip that you haven't seen before:


PRESIDENT OBAMA: Your agenda has been my agenda in the United States Senate. Before debating health care, I talked to Andy Stern and SEIU members. Before immigration debates took place in Washington, I talked with Eliseo Medina and SEIU members.


Now, you got it, he consults SEIU before making decisions. But here's a clip we haven't played yet. It is Obama talking to SEIU just a few days before the election:


OBAMA: Also, we love — we love SEIU! But the question you got to ask yourself is: Do they have it in their guts?


OBAMA: Do they have any track records of standing alongside you in picket lines? Do they have a track record of going after the companies that aren't letting you organize? Do they have a track record of voting the right way, but also helping you organize to build more and more power?


Did you hear that? Politicians say they love SEIU, but does he really? I mean, how do you know? His goal isn't to help the average American. It isn't to turn the economy around. It isn't to protect and defend the Constitution! No, no, no! It is to build power for SEIU. This man is no "Johnny come lately" to SEIU. He has been working before he was elected to anything with SEIU. You now know where his loyalties are. Not with you, but with SEIU.

And what did all that hard work at SEIU achieve? Social justice?

No. Political power in Chicago.

So, we're going to take what they're doing in Chicago, which is building political power for SEIU, and now, do it all across the country. He says later in this clip, "Paint it purple, paint the nation purple."

By the way, did I mention that these people -- you could trust the doctors because they're in white coats. You shouldn't have put them in white coats. I don't know why they did, because many of them should have been wearing purple coats. There were 20 of these guys that should have been wearing purple, because they were representing SEIU. I don't know about you, but I don't want to paint the nation purple. Barney, the purple dinosaur, is the only thing purple and I hate Barney.

I'm a recovering alcoholic, which, by the way, the recovery part -- I am rethinking more and more lately just to have things make sense, because maybe if I'm drunk, things make sense more. You, me and the doctors. We're a family. And our family is dealing with raging alcoholics. You, the doctors, me. OK? We're the family. We've got somebody who is abusive. We have somebody who is abusing power. That's what they are. We're getting hurt by the abusers: the drug companies, the unions, AARP — all of them. They're the enablers. They're giving a bottle of Jack Daniels every night. Obama and SEIU are the alcoholics.

I'm sorry, Anita, I don't mean to make your job anymore difficult. I don't mean to imply that the president at war with Fox News and apparently is an alcoholic. That is called an analogy. But the worst part is, all of this is happening in the cover of darkness.

We know there is a plan coming, sure. We don't know all of the details, and when we do get them, it will be so filled with legalese, it will be too darn difficult to read the plan. Who is there representing you?

This is the Fox building here. I contend these are the people that are standing up for the republic and the Constitution, and asking the questions that need to be asked. We're the ones standing up! Don't get me wrong, you are, too! God bless you! The minute you sit down, we're done. We don't represent you, however. We're no different than you. We're moms and dads. We're people that care. We care about our children. We care about our future. We care about our country. And we're willing to ask the questions, like, here's a question: What role has SEIU played in this health care bill? Who has written this bill? Who does it benefit exactly? Why can't we read the health care bill in advance? Will Congress promise that they will follow the Constitution to pass this bill, or are they going to find some loophole to pass it?

I'm sorry if those questions make us the enemy of the state at the end of the day, but somebody has to ask these questions, because freedom of speech is at stake. President Obama, Anita, and the White House, welcome to the place that George Washington called the "battlefield of ideas"! This is the way it's done in America. I'll meet you on the battlefield here every day at 5:00 p.m. In the meantime, you make your changes in the cover of darkness.

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