The Price of Loss

You are going to hear a lot more of this talk about how the people who are now dead should have done a lot more when they were alive.

That they should have had more life insurance, more savings, more investments and more money, period.

It's a pity they're not here to explain themselves.  That maybe they had bills, kids, tuition, pressures.

It's a pity they're not here to say, "I should have gotten more insurance."  Or, "if only I hadn't bought all those tech stocks."

But they did and they didn't. Just like we did and we didn't.

The only difference is we're here and they're not.

How many times have you asked yourself, "I have to get cracking on saving some money?"

How many times have you said, "the kids will be in college in just a few years and I'm not ready."

I bet a lot of you have. Some of you rich and some of you not so rich.

But "isn't" it rich that we can pour over someone's financial worth and think nothing of what their life was worth.

Some of them screwed up. They didn't plan enough. They didn't save enough.

I say, enough is enough.  Because they didn't plan on getting killed in an act of terrorism of September 11 either.

Their families shouldn't have to justify what they need. Because we all know, rich and poor, what they lost.

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