The Number Please...

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The Number Please…

The Associated Press (search) had a tough job last week explaining to hundreds of athletes and coaches why their home and cell phone numbers went public on the AP newswire.

More than 750 phone numbers, including those for Magic Johnson, Don King, Pete Rose and Hank Aaron were sent out.

According to the AP, someone from the New York office who was trying to save the contact list accidentally put it out on the sports wire.

Served His Country...

Last August Army Specialist Robert Jackson lost his legs in an explosion while serving in Iraq. Now back home in Iowa, Jackson and his wife wanted to enjoy a night out on the town. But Jackson was turned away by a club because the shoes on his prosthetic legs weren't fancy enough.

The couple says they explained that Jackson can only wear tennis shoes on his legs. The club owner denies that the couple explained the problem and says if they had an exception would have made.