The Next Big Thing

One of my favorite segments on the Sunday edition of "Weekend Live" is something we call "The Next Big Thing" (click in the box to the right to watch a segment). That's because I am a total techno geek. I love gidgets and gadgets —- widgets and watcha-ma-callits. If it bleeps, buzzes, computes, calculates or entertains — I want it. I am what they call an early adopter. I have boxes and boxes of stuff that I couldn't wait to try, but quickly abandoned when the next thinga-ma-bob came along.

So we get companies that make cool stuff to send it to us so we can play with it. For the record, we do send it all back after we share it with you, the viewer.

This past weekend, we talked about the new iPod (search) that plays video. It's a little slimmer than the standard iPod, the screen is a bit larger and you can download video clips and even a few TV programs on the iTunes software that accompanies it. There has been so much talk about the device that many people have missed the real genius of Apple's plan. Millions of people who already have the iTunes software loaded on their PC or Mac now have the ability to easily download TV shows. Decent (low-def) video has arrived on a computer near you.

Right now, the content is limited. For a buck-99, you can download an episode of “Desperate Housewives,” a Pixar (search) animated short or maybe a music video from your favorite recording artist. But, this is just the start.

One warning, you will need a fairly fast Internet connection to download video. If you are still limping along with an old 28.8 modem, you might want to think about upgrading to a DSL (search) or cable modem hookup.

Imagine a time in the not too distant future when you will be able to download all of your favorite shows while you sleep and watch them on your computer or your iPod when it fits your schedule. Maybe one day you'll be able to download the Sunday edition of “Weekend Live.” It'll be like having a TiVo (search) that fits in your pocket. To me this qualifies as "The Next Big Thing."

If you know of some cutting edge technology or device that qualifies as "The Next Big Thing" — drop us a line at the email address below. In fact, feel free to drop us a line any time.

— Brian

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Brian Wilson is a congressional correspondent for FOX News and anchor of the Sunday edition of "Weekend Live."