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I figured I should start the blog today with this — under the headline "never dull," check out this Associated Press story:

Raleigh police interview Durham officers in assault investigation

DURHAM, N.C. (AP) — Two Durham police officers involved in the Duke University lacrosse investigation are now the focus in an alleged assault.

Sergeant Mark Gottlieb and investigator Richard Clayton were placed on administrative leave Friday after a cook was allegedly attacked outside a Raleigh sports bar.

Gottlieb is supervising the Duke lacrosse investigation. Clayton reports to Gottlieb and has assisted on the Duke case.

Durham police Deputy Chief R.H. Hodge said today that Raleigh police have interviewed both officers.

Rene Thomas, a cook at Blinco's in Raleigh, says he exchanged words on Thursday night with the passenger of a black truck as it sped away from the restaurant.

Thomas says racial slurs were exchanged before the truck stopped and at least three more cars surrounded him.

Other Durham officers were interviewed, but Hodge isn't saying who or how many.

(Copyright 2006 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

I have no idea what did or did not happen with these Durham police officers, but you can be sure this adds a new dimension to the matter.

I started the GretaWire today with this AP wire story about the Duke case because so many viewers have e-mailed me asking about updates on this story and other stories. With the war on, the blog is the best way for me to try and keep you abreast of any news in any of the stories we have covered.

By the way, I also get asked many, many times about the Natalee Holloway case. I wish I had some information to tell you, but matters seem bleak in the criminal investigation. The judge in New York City still must decide the motion in the civil case filed there — whether the civil case will stay in NYC or get thrown out. That decision should come any day (it was argued in the New York court in May.) As for Beth, I stay in touch with her. She still has no information. I did confirm that Joran van der Sloot has a book deal in Holland.

Every day and all day long, there is constant discussion about how best to cover the war. There are so many factors to consider — even including the order of our guests and reporters. So far, we must be doing it right, since the viewer e-mails and the number of viewers are high. Number of viewers is not the only test, but certainly is one strong sign that our work is done well. Viewers have lots of choices and when they select our show we assume they do so for a reason.

Our primary goals are to get you information in the war as it happens as well as trying and get you to the war with our cameras. Putting you there with our cameras as the news develops allows you to see the war through your eyes rather than filtered through our own. Of course when we talk about the war and what is seen or known by us, we do our best job to get it precise and fair… or to help you understand what you see. But there is no substitute for simply seeing it yourself. I want you to see it yourself… and thus my huge appreciation of the cameras.

The show airs from New York City tonight — hope you watch.

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

I was just reading Gretawire and read the e-mail from the guy in Fife Lake, MI (James McCann). I too have thought it rather CONVENIENT that Ken Lay suddenly "died" while awaiting sentencing... IF he is truly dead, I bet it was a suicide because he refused to admit his wrong-doings. Now I am wondering — also — if he didn't fake his death and is living high on the hog somewhere with all that money he stole. I would bet his "widow" isn't living like the rest of us now is she? Where is all that money anyway? Did his "widow" get it or what... and if suicide does she still get the insurance money too if they were able to make it look like a heart attack?
Sheesh, any input on it for me, Kiddo?
London, KY

ANSWER: I suppose almost anything is possible, but I just don't think Ken Lay is still alive. It is hard to convince me of conspiracies, etc. You should know that you and the e-mailer yesterday are not the only ones to e-mail me this about Ken Lay.

E-mail No. 2

The e-mail about Ken Lay's possible "faked" death is intriguing, to say the least. Must admit, never thought of it myself, but now I'm not so convinced he's actually dead. What an interesting concept to both ponder and further investigate! Greta, you're the perfect one to do just that if you have the guts.
Barbra Night

E-mail No. 3

Jennifer is great. Hope to see more of her after this “war” is over. She appears to be a high caliber reporter — very calm, cool, knowledgeable and professional.
Always enjoy your program.
Louise Hicks
Huntsville, AL

ANSWER: I agree… very calm, cool, knowledgeable and professional… and one other thing, very nice.

E-mail No. 4

In your blog you mentioned that you hear from the correspondents by e-mail and they assure you that they are OK. The other night I was worried about Shepard Smith. He looked almost as tired and run down as he did during Katrina. He's looking better now but I honestly was concerned about him.
Lee's Summit, MO

ANSWER: I am not surprised that Shep looked tired: He has been working around the clock for more than a week (like our other people in the field.) Yes, Shep worked those same non-stop hours in New Orleans during Katrina — that is the way Shep is: He works hard and he genuinely wants to help people.

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