The New Communist Vanguard

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Sometimes it’s hard to tell if the leftist Nation magazine is pulling our leg or if it takes itself seriously. In what appears to be a parody of anti-war protests, editor Katrina Vanden Heuval (search) reports on an admittedly small crowd of 200 young protestors demonstrating in Moscow against the Iraq war.

The protest, timed to last week’s anniversary of the beginning of the war, was organized by the youth brigade of the Russian Communist Party, the Radical Socialist Party, Trotskyists, anarchists and something called “Punk Rockers Against Putin.” Again, it’s not clear whether Ms. Vanden Heuval is mocking the protestors or cheering them on as she describes their Eminem t-shirts, Che Guevara buttons and chants of: "Che unites, Putin divides."

But she does appreciate the fact that these are self-made Marxists: “Most of the kids out protesting were born during the perestroika years and have come to their leftism out of choice, not necessity.”

Still, judging from the size and the character of the protesters, Moscow leftism has seen better days. Ms. Vanden Heuval ends her report spotlighting: "A young guy wearing an Arnold Schwarzenegger/Terminator shirt, who began to stomp on Uncle Sam's top hat."

Welcome to the new Communist Vanguard.

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