The Need for New Blood

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Finally a statement from the Justice Department about accused sniper John Lee Malvo and the INS. After hundreds of thousands of Factor viewers and listeners besieged Washington, this statement was e-mailed to us last night:

"The Department of Justice is actively investigating the circumstances surrounding the apprehension of Uma James and John Lee Malvo and their entry into the United States. It is critically important that the United States fully and fairly enforce our immigration laws against those who violate them."

OK, that's a good first step.

Attorney General Ashcroft will apparently investigate why INS agent Blake Brown changed the Border Patrol's designation of Malvo and his mother. That's all we can ask at this point, an honest investigation.

But why did it take so long to get the statement? That's the key question here. The sad truth is that most of those holding power in the United States are not acting with any urgency when American lives are at risk. We are seeing the same kind of protect-your-own-butt mentality we have always seen at the federal level.

You would think that after 9/11 and the sniper killings that the INS would be acting aggressively to remove illegal aliens from this country.  But as we have proven time and time again, the lax agency is so inefficient that anyone that wants to get into the country can get in.

Likewise, my sources in the CIA tell me the FBI is still not sharing information, and that U.S. intelligence remains a disorganized mess, which is good news for Usama bin Laden and his pals. Only the president, senators, and congresspeople can change that. Do you have any confidence they will do so?

Look at the Democratic Party, for example. Frank Lautenberg, 78 years old. Walter Mondale, 74. These are honest men, but are they innovators, crusaders, protectors? No. They're old-time party-line guys. Even in Florida, where Jeb Bush was in trouble because of the foster child scandal, his challenger, Bill McBride, fumbled the debate, showed no fire and had few solutions. So Governor Bush has taken a commanding lead in that race.

In New York, Democratic challenger Carl McCall has collapsed, and Governor Pataki will win, even though Pataki has run up a huge debt and the New York City area is rife with corruption.

In California, the incompetent Gray Davis will win even though he nearly ruined working Californians by mishandling the energy situation.  Republican challenger Bill Simon simply cannot articulate anything.

So what does this all mean for us? It means that politics needs new blood. It needs crusaders for justice, it needs people of courage, not wimps who hide under their desks when bad things happen. The United States is in desperate need of leadership in both parties. Violent people want to kill us. And in the political arena, there isn't much stopping them.

And that's the memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

For the first time in recent memory, your humble correspondent agrees with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

A group representing 50,000 barbers across the country has filed a lawsuit against them for criticizing the movie Barbershop. This is dopey, ridiculous, and un-American. Jackson and Sharpton have the freedom to criticize anything they want, and foolish lawsuits like that one should not be allowed.

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