The Mother's Milk of Politics

Beware of class arguments. They hide the issue.

They're meant to dupe us, and divide us.

Take the death tax. Especially those who say it's a tax on the rich and no more. Didn't they say the exact same thing about the alternative minimum tax? That only a few would pay it? The couple of thousand or so very fat cats who tried to dodge taxes in the first place?

It was meant to make sure all paid their fair share in taxes. That the rich couldn't shelter their whole wad.

What a wad of gunk.

Not only did the real fat cats laugh at it. They never ended up paying it.

Who did?

Millions — and I mean millions — of others.

These days you don't need to earn much more than $70,000 or so to start paying the AMT. That doesn't sound like billionaire money to me. But it does sound like a highway robbery to me.

So the next time someone tells you, "Don't worry, we're only going after the rich," be afraid. Be very afraid. Because they're coming after you.

I don't take anything away from well-intentioned congressmen like Bernie Sanders. It's paying for their good intentions that really bugs me.

Make no mistake about it, this isn't about who pays what, it's about what they're paying to whom. And the more they're paying to the government, the more these guys like it. The more Washington seems to endorse it and the more we all get gouged by it.

Money is the mothers' milk of politics. Only we're the ones — all of us — getting creamed.

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