It's a good thing obesity's a disease. Now if only we who are a tad overweight remember that. Because as if remembering to eat right isn't enough of a problem, we can't even remember what we're supposed to remember.

The New York Times is reporting a study out of the National Academy of Sciences that links what you eat with what you remember. And the more you cut calories, guess what? The more you remember. The better your memory.

The study was small, but the 50 men and women on which it was based were not -- a lot of them were fat. Plain and simple, overweight.

They were divided into two groups: One instructed to cut their calories by 30 percent and the other to increase their calories by 20 percent.

The ones who cut their calories saw a 20 percent improvement in memory performance.

The other hogs? Nada. Zilch. Zippo. Couldn't even remember what the hell they were eating.

Revelation? The more you eat, the more you forget.

The less you eat? The more you suddenly remember what you forgot, namely, that you had been eating way too much.

So, if I understand this study right, I've got yet another excuse.

Yesterday I found out I had a virus. Today I can't even remember why that's a big deal.

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