The Media Has Gone Too Far

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We'll have the latest on the sniper situation in a moment.

But first, the media has gone too far.  That is the subject of this evening's Talking Points Memo .

In just a few moments, we will talk with Pennsylvania Governor Mark Schweiker, who is furious that VH-1 will broadcast a rock band featuring a convicted Pennsylvania killer.  Millions of Americans are also upset about this, but so far VH-1 has been defiant and refuses to explain its situation.

VH-1's parent company is Viacom, a huge media conglomerate run by Sumner Redstone, and now it looks like Mr. Redstone is the only person who can stop this atrocity from happening on Friday night.

On the "Today" show this morning, the producer of "Music Behind Bars," Arnold Shapiro, had the audacity to say that the documentary does not glorify these prisoners.  So what does it do, Mr. Shapiro?  Put them in an unfavorable light?  Ridiculous.

This illustrates the callousness that drives many in the American media today.  As Talking Points mentioned last night, if your young daughter had been brutally murdered, would you want to see the guy who did it on national television singing in a rock band?  Of course not.  That's barbaric.

The fact that Mr. Shapiro and the president of VH-1, Christina Norman, don't care about the grieving families borders on the obscene.

Enough is enough here.  We put up with the glorification of irresponsible sex, gratuitous violence, disrespect for parents and teachers, on and on all over the media, but this situation is different.  This is a direct assault on the families of Mary Orlando and Jennifer Grider, the two girls who were murdered.

VH-1 is causing those families even more pain simply to make money.  All Americans should be outraged about this.  And if you want to let Mr. Redstone know about it, you can e-mail him at INFO@VIACOM.COM.  That's really easy, INFO@VIACOM.COM .

It's time for the American public to hold people in the media accountable for harmful and destructive behavior.  Excuses walk.  This stuff's got to stop.

And that's The Memo . More on it in a few moments.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for the "Most Ridiculous Item of the Day."

Ready for some football?  Millions of Americans are, but things are getting out of hand in some places.

In Pico Rivera, California, a suburb of L.A., a football game involving young kids ended in a brawl involving their parents.  Oh, man.  Look at this.

This kind of stuff is ridiculous, of course, but symptomatic of how out of control some American parents are.  This is after a little kids' football game, OK.  Kids are watching this.

So far, there have been no arrests, which is part of the problem, that society often allows this stuff to go unpunished.  Cops say they are still investigating, so maybe somebody will be held accountable.  Probably not.

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