The Latest on Iraq...

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The latest on Iraq. That is the subject of this evening's Talking Points Memo.

President Bush has sent attack-Iraq legislation to the Hill. If the U.N. can't force Saddam to cooperate with weapons inspectors, the president wants Congress to OK military action. That will easily pass, as most in Congress don't want to seem soft on terrorism, and Saddam is a terrorist, no question about it.

Overseas, The New York Times is reporting that France is doing big business with Iraq, especially in oil, which explains their soft posture on Saddam. Some moron in the German government compared Mr. Bush's policy of focusing on Iraq rather than on the economy to Hitler's tactics in the '30s. Germany continues to embarrass itself, and Talking Points believes the USA should think about moving troops out of that country.

One aside here. The stock market continues to sink, and the economy does not look good. Even though we believe the president is right about Iraq and terrorism, he'd better start doing something about the economy quickly before it melts down completely. We suggest a shakeup of economic advisers to begin.

Looking forward, expect the United Nations to issue an insane timetable for weapons inspections in Iraq. Some say the U.N. would be OK with a year from now. Well, that's not going to fly with the Bush administration.

But remember, many members of the U.N. hate America and want anti-U.S. sentiment to spread, and those countries will do everything possible to embarrass Mr. Bush.

So in the end America will have to remove Saddam, and it is for the best, in my opinion. We need to send a message to the whole world that terrorism and governments that encourage it are not acceptable. Yes, we are the earth police when it comes to terrorism, and we have a moral right to be.

With biological agents and radioactive weapons available, the times have changed. We support Mr. Bush and believe our cause is just. But we hope he pays just as much attention to the shaky economic situation, which is hurting millions of Americans.

And that's The Memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day."

The Supreme Court in Washington State says that two men who go around trying to photograph women's undergarments without their permission have a legal right to do that. Justice Bobby Bridge calls the kind of behavior disgusting but not illegal.

I wonder if it's illegal to punch somebody doing that in the nose? Probably, but it wouldn't be ridiculous.

I did manage to beat Jerry Springer, which makes me very happy.

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