Here it is, the last Vesterblog! Starting today (Friday), I'm going on maternity leave for a year.

I'd like to thank my boss, Fox News Chairman and CEO of Fox News Channel, Roger Ailes (search), for so generously giving me the time off to go home and be a mommy. As much as I will miss my FOX family and all of you, deep in my heart, I know I'm doing the right thing for my children. But it's only a year, and I'm sure the time will fly by. To all of you who have wished me luck with the pregnancy, thank you!

Now some final e-mails on the news of the day, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's (search) announcement that she is retiring. What a loss she will be — and what a drama we're about to see over her successor!

President Bush needs to give us a Supreme Court nominee who will uphold our Constitution rather than make decisions based on political correctness, or what other countries think!
—Ella Anderson, San Antonio, Texas

I hope the Democrats will try to find some character, (and I don't mean Ted Kennedy (search)) and the Republicans will try to find a backbone! And allow an up or down vote, as is the rule. I think that is what all of us out here in the public want. They have the right to vote no and that's okay. Just VOTE — that's what we pay them to do. Not play at politics with the highest offices in the land! I wonder if Kennedy thinks he has any integrity with the public. We do NOT have short memories!
—Nancy Chandler, Arizona

Already Democrats and their special interests are saying Bush needs to be a uniter and to " seek a census with the democrats! We need to remind the Democrats, they have lost every election for years and the Republicans have won and therefore get to decide whom they want. Bush has told everyone for years what he wants on the court. Ted Kennedy and his buddies can't win in Congress and the presidency, so they want the courts to do their will! The news media want a battle, but they would serve the country better to point out that Bush won the election, Kerry didn't, so winners have the say!
—Don, Columbus, Ohio

I heard a guest on your program say that President Bush will be a divider if he does not nominate someone the liberals want. Why would the liberals not be the dividers if they do not vote on President Bush's nominee? The Democrats label any vote against their view as divisive. Do they not realize they are in the minority and if they want an undivided country they should honor the wishes of the voters that spoke in November.
—Nancy Corbin, Ridgeville, South Carolina

That's it for now — have a great holiday and I'll see you all in a year!


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