The Lack of Shame in America

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The Talking Points Memo this evening is about the lack of shame in America.  Whitney Houston goes on national TV and defiantly says she'll abuse drugs and alcohol if she wants to, despite the presence of her young daughter.

Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston continues to sit in his palace, even after his protection of criminal priests has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt.

University of Massachusetts president William Bulger takes the Fifth Amendment in front of Congress, protecting his killer brother.  Still holds his job, collecting more than $300,000 of taxpayer money each year.

Indiana University president Miles Brant and chancellor Sharon Brem (ph) are now backpedaling about the porn dorm controversy.  We'll have an update in a moment.  Brant makes more than $300,000, Brem $250,000.  Once again, taxpayers footing the bill.

I'll give you dozens of other examples of abysmal behavior that goes unchecked in our society.  The no spin truth is that shame and accountability has died throughout the USA.  Cardinal Law is not ashamed.  Took him years to even apologize to the Americans who were molested by priests he put in there.

Whitney Houston thinks she's a victim, if you can believe it.  She's under so much stress.  Meantime, her little daughter sits there being raised by two drug-involved parents.

Bugler, Brant, and Brem are simply disgraceful, taking the public money, embarrassing their institutions of higher learning.  But where is the outcry?  Now, Law's gotten hammered in the press, no question.  But Houston gets a pass from the press and law enforcement.  Shouldn't New Jersey social services being investigating that home?

And the Indianapolis Star has simply been MIA in the dorm porn scandal.  As for Bulger, he's gotten away with so many questionable things for so long, he feels he is invincible.

There is no question America has become a place where excuses rule and judgments about conduct are considered bad form.  Talking Points couldn't believe how many letters came in supporting Whitney Houston, for example.  I'm going to read one later.  She's got a disease.  I'm cruel for holding her accountable.  And on and on.

When are we going to wake up here?  Bad behavior is bad behavior.  And if it is not confronted, it will continue and get worse.  A recent Columbia University study says sex among children 15 and younger is rising fast.  Gee, I wonder why.  Could MTV, rap music, Bill Clinton, and other public displays of raunchy behavior have anything to do with it?

The permissive pendulum has swung almost off the clock, and this society is paying a huge price.  The next generation of Americans faces a society that condemns little and excuses much.  Corruption thrives in that kind of an atmosphere.  Where there is no shame, chaos will reign.

And that's The Memo .

The Villain of the Week

Time now for our Friday feature, the "Villain of the Week."  Lots of candidates, but we have to give it to Cardinal Law of Boston.  As we reported earlier, more embarrassing proof Law allowed priests to break the law time and time again.

The evidence is simply overwhelming.  If you read the stuff, it's -- it's almost impossible to believe.  Yet the cardinal continues to sit there on his throne, despite all the damage that he himself is causing his church.

Cardinal Bernard Law is, indeed, the "Villain of the Week."

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