I was going to try to get off this jag of bashing our so-called friends in the Middle East. I was going to give it a rest for Ramadan or Thanksgiving, so to speak ... but the latest outrage today in the New York Times makes holding back impossible.

It's bad enough that the Saudis and Egyptians don't like us. All we do is give them money. They expect it and they resent it, and then they resent us. We know all about that dependency psychology. But when you actually save someone from death and enslavement, you expect a little respect. And, my fellow Americans, we ain't getting it.

The Times reports that even the Kuwaitis are ticked off with us — calling us infidels, and sucking up to Usama bin Laden.

The Kuwaitis! Can you imagine the nerve? If it weren't for us, Kuwait would be Iraq. In fact, if it weren't for us, Saudi Arabia would be Iraq. We literally saved Kuwait from Saddam. He invaded, we drove him out, we turned the country — if you can call it that — back to the emir of Kuwait, and let them all go back into the business of selling us oil. 500,000 Americans risked life and limb to save their sorry rear ends, and what do we get?

This is what we get. A Kuwaiti was quoted as saying: "It seems like Americans only want to support Israelis and attack Muslims," and "Usama ... he is telling the truth."

We go to war in Bosnia to protect Muslims, and the Kuwaitis forget it. We go to war in Kosovo to protect Muslims, and the Kuwaitis forget it. We go to war in Kuwait to protect Kuwaitis, and the Kuwaitis forget it! This is outrage upon outrage, and it is unbelievable that these people could have that much gall.

So what do we do? For one thing, we don't go to war to protect Kuwait ever again. Maybe we go to war to occupy the oil fields and protect commerce, but those Kuwaitis can go live in London and complain about losing their so-called country.

We can also see if we can't be good friends with Vladimir Putin, and buy Russian oil for awhile. We can also open ANWR, and live on our own oil until we can get Ed Begleys' fuel cells going and run our world on free air.

We can also tell Kuwaitis ... no mas. You want a university education? Not in the U.S. Go get it from Usama, and do it fast because he's very close to dead.

That's My Word.

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