Baby Talk Made Easy?

I’m not sure if it really does work. In fact, I thought it was a bunch of baloney until I read her history. Priscilla Dunstan has a DVD at www.dunstanbaby.com

She has a special skill similar to people with photographic memory only she memorizes sounds immediately. She was repeating Mozart after hearing it once by age 4. She says each basic need has a specific sound.

New Birth Control

There is a new birth control pill that is chewing gum.

It is the hope that there will be fewer unexpected births by people who forget to take their birth control pills because they may be more likely to remember to chew gum. The drug prescription is called Femcon FE.

Test Driving 'Rock the SAT'

By the way, two of my kids took the SSAT this weekend. I had them use the SAT CD that we featured last week. The rock music is great and the book that goes along with it had my 14-year-old daughter laughing. She said the stories written using the vocabulary words are so funny that you don’t forget the words or their meaning. I have the information about it at www.hillfriends.com and will also report whether it made a difference on their scores! My fingers are crossed!!

Great Gifts

The holiday item we featured today is the FR300 Radio. It is battery operated but can also be hand cranked and is a radio, cell phone charger and flashlight. I got one like this in camo for one of my boys (I can’t tell you which one because they sometimes check out the blog!) Costs about $49.

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