The Iraq War as Election Issue

Secretary of State Colin Powell (search) held a news conference this week where he addressed the issue of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

He repeated that the administration was right to act against Saddam Hussein (search), even if it is true that no stockpiles of WMD have been found.

Powell said it was clear that Saddam had the weapons at one time, that he maintained the capability and intention to build them when the coast was clear... and that it was not possible for the Bush administration to assume he no longer had them because he took so many steps to frustrate inspectors and appear as though he were hide something.

Powell refused to say he or the administration were wrong.

So now "The New York Times," the European press, Howard Dean (search), and Wesley Clark (search) — the rogue's gallery of characters with an interest in proving that the war was somehow wrong — are all howling that Powell admitted the administration misled the world.

Heads up... certain of the media is trying to make the war an election issue, even if it means stretching the truth.

That's My Word.

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