The International Meeting of Economists

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Those of you who think economists are about as useful as dodo birds may have more evidence for your conviction. In February, economists from all over the world will head down to Havana, Cuba for the International Meeting of Economists (search), which is co-sponsored by the National Association of Economists of Cuba.

Now, an economic development conference organized by a Communist government whose policies have led to economic ruin may seem a bit odd, but not to a gaggle of economists!

This is the sixth annual meeting of economists in Castro's Cuba, and like the others, this one appears on the verge of selling out. About the only signal that the Cuban government knows anything about making money are the prices.

A single room for the conference at a government-owned hotel is $720. The cheapest accommodation is a bed in a dorm with a shared bathroom that goes for $225 a night. So who would pay those kind of prices for that kind of a conference? One of the largest groups will be a delegation of economists from the U.N.

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