The Importance of Being Dull

I was at an investment conference and the subject of the president's new economic team came up.

"Very dull," said one.

"As boring as you can get," chimed another.

It got me thinking. What's wrong with dull?

I like dull. Damn it, I "am" dull.

I'm proud of being dull. I think dull is sexy, or so I tell my wife.

And you know what? Dull is cool.

Dull is stable.

Dull is dependable.

Dull, and ladies you should make note of this, dull is loyal.

Dull is never having to say you're sorry for something bad. Because dull people don't do bad things. Or at least "really" bad things.

Dull is on time. Dull is even early.

Dull is software geeks and room-over-the-garage inventors.

Dull is green eye shades, but clever eyes.

Dull is numbing numbers, but uncanny sense.

Dull is the guy who the girl ignored in high school and the same guy she later reads about in Fortune.

Dull is not flashy. Dull is not sexy. Dull is not any of the things you usually associate with pizzazz.

No, dull is none of that.

Dull is this.

Dull is the cleanup after the personality screws up.

Dull is never pretending to be something you aren't. Dull is recognizing the someone you are.

We could do a lot worse than dull. We already have.

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