The Hunks ... and the Head

As if the big head comments weren't rattling enough, Vanity Fair is at it again.

Did you guys catch the latest issue?

It's all these letters, responding to that stinging James Wolcott piece referring to me and my colleagues as right-wing bullies.

Along comes our vice president of programming Kevin Magee, to write a letter — quite rightly — citing how unfair and unbalanced Mr. Wolcott was when he jumped to explain the background of our boss Roger Ailes, but neglected to look at the backgrounds of others at other networks.

All fine. Here's what isn't fine. This damn drawing.

Look at these characters. Your Fox News lineup. Look at my head! More to the point — that face.

Did they have to make me look like that? Why couldn't the guy make both cheeks huge? I look like I just got my head caught in a bee's nest!

All of the others got a huge break!

Switch to my buddy Brit Hume — save the Sigfried and Roy jacket — he looks great: pensive, maybe agitated, but clearly this drawing shows gravitas.

And Bill O'Reilly. That could have been a picture: dark, foreboding, down to the raised eyebrows ... 'The Factor' at his quizzical best.

Finally, Tony Snow: right out of central casting for star anchordom. Clearly, as my wife readily attests, a hunky dude.

So there you have it. The hunks ... and the head.

I am not happy. It's one thing to call me a puffed up right-wing kook. It's quite another to draw me that way.

But you have helped me.

From this day forward, no more Yodels.

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