The Foxlight: The Fonz, Michael Moore, Paris

The Fonz helps struggling students, a Michael Moore lookout and Paris gives the gift of herself in today's Foxlight.

The Fonz has a confession: He has trouble driving in Los Angeles.

Not just because of the traffic, but because of dyslexia. Henry Winkler (search), the star of "Happy Days" and "Arrested Development" nearly flunked out of high school and college and jokes the only thing he was good at was lunch. Eventually Winkler adapted and found ways to make up for his trouble learning. Now he's written a series of children's books based on his experiences called "Hank Zipzer: The World's Best Underachiever."

Asked what is the most important ingredient in success, Winkler says "tenacity." I thought it was saying "Heeeeeey."

You know the warnings drug companies put on their packages? Now they're warning themselves about filmmaker Michael Moore (search). His presence on their property could apparently cause unwanted side effects. The pharmacy corporations are telling employees to be on the lookout for the man with the well-known baseball hat, saying that he may be filming a documentary on the health care industry. A spokesman for Pfizer says they've posted a Moore warning in their online newspaper. Five other drug companies have issued similar warnings to their employees as well.

Finally, Paris Hilton's (search) favorite gift to give this season? Her perfume and an autographed copy of her book. At least this way someone will buy it. Don't worry your shoulder-ness, it's a write-off. Or don't the rich pay taxes?