The Foxlight: SAG Nominations

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The Screen Actor's Guild salutes Johnny Depp, snubs Nicole Kidman in today's Foxlight.

Johnny Depp (search) an Oscar nominee? No one except the Foxlight thought he had a chance. Then the Golden Globe nominations came out. No big surprise there -- he's popular around the world. But Golden Globes aren't all that credible, right? OK, fair enough. But then the coveted Screen Actor's Guild nominations came out Thursday, and lo and behold -- there's Depp's name again for his "little" pirate movie. Will he get an Oscar nomination? We'll know in just a few weeks -- they come out early this year -- two days after the Golden Globes are handed out.

The biggest snub at the SAG nominations? Oscar darling Nicole Kidman (search). Apparently her turn in "Cold Mountain" left them just as cold as it left the Foxlight. The best supporting role she had in that film was her hairdresser.

Other snubs included Russell Crowe (search). He neither mastered nor commanded a SAG nomination.

Ditto for Tom Cruise (search). No best actor nod for his kung foolery in "The Last Samurai." Sorry, Tom.

My favorite nomination? Bravo to the SAGs for singling out Naomi Watts' (search) tour de force in "21 Grams."

Unfortunately, the Oscars tend to acknowledge one gutsy independent role for a woman each year -- and this year it's starting to look like that one Oscar slot will go to another SAG nominee, Charlize Theron (search) for "Monster."