Not everyone in Hollywood is happy about the Academy Award nominations (search) in today's Foxlight.

Nicole, I tried to tell you. Hair gets dirty when there's a civil war going on. Oscar knows that and so should you. No nomination for Kidman. Instead, Jude Law, who told me the other night he only showered once a week during the filming of "Cold Mountain," (search) got a nomination. And the only reason he showered at all was because his kids told him, 'You stink.' Not according to Oscar.

Scarlett Johansson (search) may have gotten two Golden Globe nominations, but no such luck with Oscar. She told me the curse of being an "It" girl is all you're ever known for is being "The Girl Who Once Was the It-Girl Girl." Great line.

The movie "Big Fish?" Big finished, as far as Oscar was concerned.

Russell Crowe (search) was in nearly every frame of a movie that's nominated for best picture. But he was unable to master Oscar.

Sean Astin and the rest of the cast of "Rings" will have to settle for big paychecks and years of residuals. Hard to believe that a film with 11 nominations didn't get one single acting acknowledgment.

Finally, the biggest snub of all for the Foxlight -- nothing for "Kill Bill?" OK, it was a longer shot than "Seabiscuit," but I really wanted Uma Thurman to fly in to the Kodak theater in that yellow Bruce Lee jogging suit and kick a little Oscar butt. There's always "Volume 2" for next year.

And that's the drama, trauma and tears from Tinseltown in your Foxlight.