The Foxlight: Madonna, Nicole, Tony Danza, Kelly Ripa

Madonna cleans up, no-access Nicole and it's not easy being Regis in today's Foxlight.

Has the FCC gotten to Madonna (search)? Not exactly, but motherhood seems to have cleaned up the Material Girl's material -- sort of. The woman who once spewed expletives more fluently than drunken sailors has imposed one of those "cursing fines" on everyone in her tour, according to The New York Post. Five bucks a toss. And Madonna's rep confirms Maddie herself has made a few contributions for words you probably won't see in any of her children's books.

Shame on Paramount. Journalists like the Foxlight had one-on-one interviews with the cast of "The Stepford Wives" Wednesday in New York, but when we showed up we only got two minutes with star Nicole Kidman (search). I sat down, started chit-chatting about our mutual friend,'s Fox411 gossip columnist Roger Friedman, and the two minutes were up. Call it "No Access, Hollywood." This is getting a little ridiculous.

Finally, Tony Danza (search) is learning the hard way that it's tough being Regis Philbin when it comes to co-host Kelly Ripa (search). Danza is sitting in for a few days and brought plenty of prepared jokes and scripted ad-libs for the host chat at the top of the show -- but Her Perkiness kept cutting him off Thursday morning before he got to the punch lines. Best of all, she chirped at one point: "You're great at this." To which he responded that he was just trying to survive. Who's the boss now, Tony?