David's DUI, seeing more of Moss, Eminem's insecurities and the latest Hannibal story in today's Foxlight.

No more sex on the beach for David Hasselhoff (search) — at least not the drink called that. The "Baywatch" star is off to an alcohol treatment program. There's a nice one in Malibu, David. All of this after pleading no contest to DUI.

Would you pay a little over $6 million to see supermodel/uber-waif Kate Moss (search) naked? That's what Christie's auction house says it'll cost you, and she won't even be there. A painting of a naked and pregnant Moss by one of Britain's leading artists is expected to go on the auction block.

Eminem (search) claims fame makes him feel like he's living in a cage, and that he never knows whether a woman is interested in him or his success. Trust me, Marshall, it's your success.

Finally, ever wondered what made Hannibal a cannibal? The answer will come when Thomas Harris's new novel about serial killer Hannibal Lecter, "Behind the Mask," (search) is published next year. Foxlight thinks it's obviously because Sir Anthony Hopkins enjoys chewing the scenery.