The Foxlight: Ethan, Elvis, Omarosa

Ethan sees Uma’s movie with the masses, Elvis tees off and No-Marosa show in today's Foxlight.

"Kill Bill: Vol. 2" (search) has a lot of fans. Now maybe we can add two more. A pair that might have been able to easily call Miramax and have a private screening set up for them once upon a time. Instead, The New York Post says the two moviegoers slipped into a regular Upper West Side theater the other day with regular folks. Who wanted to see Uma kill Bill just like the rest of us? Estranged husband Ethan Hawke and his daughter.

Elvis (search) has left the building for a difficult bunker shot off the third hole. The folks at Graceland -- who used to be a little pickier about where the King's likeness was stamped -- have OK'd a line of golf balls and golf-club covers. The covers have an Elvis silhouette, Elvis in a pink jacket and Elvis in profile and sell for about $46. The balls sell for $10. Dignity? Priceless.

Finally, I know there's a reality-based channel coming next month. Just please, please, please promise us no Omarosa (search) show.