Eminem does it again, a "Desperate" stunt, Liza fights back and O.D.B.'s progeny in today's Foxlight.

Controversy is good. And apparently all the complaining Michael Jackson did about the video only helped Marshall Mathers. Eminem (search) has a hit album — No. 1 on the U.S. pop charts after three days. "Encore" is setting opening-week records. Remember what those were like, Michael?

ABC says it's sorry for that steamy "Monday Night Football" (search) sketch with Nicolette Sheridan (search). Terrell Owens (search) didn't seem to mind. But a few people did. Come on, who hasn't seen Sheridan naked? Even 9-year-olds were going "Oh, she's had work."

Liza Minnelli (search) is punching back. She says both her bodyguard and her ex-husband are ganging up on her.

Joe Pantoliano (search) jokes that he's been in so many canceled TV series, he could total up all the episodes and have enough for syndication. Anyone remember "Free Country" in 1978? His latest is "Dr. Vegas," which Foxlight told you two weeks ago was getting the ax. Pantoliano now believes he's "not meant for being on network television."

Finally, with all due respect to O.D.B. (search), why is it surprising that a guy who has "bastard" in his name would have so many kids out of wedlock?