The Foxlight: Britney, Liv, Jon Stewart

Britney the home wrecker, limey Liv and Jon Stewart likes Cavuto in today's Foxlight.

Is Britney (search) pregnant or isn't she? Will there be three people walking down the aisle if she really does marry back-up dancer Kevin 'Already Forgot His Last Name'?

Kevin's ex -- "Moesha" star Shar Jackson, the one who's pregnant and has another of Kevin's kids, says Her Britness and Kevin are perfect for one another, because they both drink, smoke and cheat on their partners. Get this girl a reality show. The visitations alone would be priceless. Mark Burnett, you owe me for this one.

Put Liv Tyler (search) in the category of actresses who move to England to have a baby. Her husband is from there. Will she name the child after a piece of fruit like Gwyneth? I guess if it's a boy, Froddo isn't out of the question. Wait -- yes, it is.

Finally, funnyman Jon Stewart (search) gave a nice plug to FOX News the other night. And not on his show -- on CNN! D'oh! Yukking it up with Larry King, he mentioned he was watching Neil Cavuto just before he went on Larry's show. Nice to know they have FOX News on in the CNN green room. Hey, they have to get the real news somewhere.