The Foxlight: Britney, Ellen, P. Diddy, Clay Aiken

Britney stinks, Ellen single again, "Santa" Combs and a fallen "Idol" in today's Foxlight.

Britney Spears (search) really does stink. The New York Post's Weird But True section, quoting the London Sun, claims Spears stank up an airplane when she removed her shoes.

She laughed it off and said it was the shoes, not the feet, when a flight attendant told her seatmates were gagging. The offending shoes went back on.

Ellen DeGeneres (search) is single again after busting up with her partner of four years. Maybe it was her dancing.

Santa Combs? P. Diddy (search) says helping people is the most important thing he can do. Those parties are just a defense mechanism, I guess.

Meanwhile, he's shooting the prequel to "Carlito's Way" in New York, and he's been busy setting up Daddy's House, his own charitable organization. "I want to be one of those people who takes care of other people. Santa Combs — yeah, I like that!"

Finally, say it isn't so, Clay. Page Six reports that Clay Aiken (search) dissed fans backstage at a recent New Jersey gig. Even sicced bodyguards on a kid who took his picture.

Foxlight has spent time with Clay, and I find this hard to believe. If show business can do that to a guy like this, what's next? Paris Hilton making a porno? Liza Minnelli slugging her husband? Hmm, never mind.