The First... But not Last

Here’s the latest edition of Some Stories You Won't Find on any other Sunday show:

Waste Not...Want Not

It's always good reading — the fine print in huge spending bills — that reveals where members of Congress are spending our money for pet projects in their home states.

Here are some examples from the new Transportation Bill (search) that Congress just passed: $4 million for a new transit system at the Philadelphia Zoo; $1.2 million for a bicycle access project in Newark, New Jersey, and — get this — almost $250 million for a mile-long bridge in Alaska, connecting the mainland to an island with 50 residents and a small airport.

The First... But not Last

We now have what may be the first 2008 presidential ad to air in New Hampshire. A group supporting Hillary Clinton (search) created the spot.

The senator is shown loading piles of trash onto a garbage truck labeled with alleged failures by President Bush. As she hauls away the trash, voters ask, "Hillary, can you help us?" And, she's got an answer: "Sure. But it'll take me two terms to clear up this mess."

It's going to be a long campaign. But a Clinton spokesman says she remains focused on being the best senator possible for the people of New York.