The Federal Responsibility for Immigrant Health Act

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In just a few moments, Senator Jeff Bingaman will enter the No Spin Zone.  But first, the Talking Points Memo, about a new bill that would require Americans to pay for the health care many illegal immigrants, a bill sponsored by Bingaman and Senator John McCain.

The bill is called the Federal Responsibility for Immigrant Health Act of 2002 and it was introduced last month.  The establishment press has pretty much ignored it, thus many Americans don't know what's going on.  Call that stealth legislation.

Basically, the bill wants the federal government pay for pregnancy-related services and communicable disease treatment for illegal aliens in areas that are swamped with them, areas like New Mexico, where Senator Bingaman is from, and Arizona, where Senator McCain lives.

The thinking behind the bill is, because the federal government could not stop the illegals from coming here, it bears some responsibility for their welfare.

But the federal government is really us.  We pay all the bills.  And each year, social services for illegal immigrants costs Americans $24 billion.  If that money were reassigned, it could provide prescription drug relief to millions of older American citizens.

But, no, the feds continue to allow rampant illegal immigration, and we are picking up the tab.

The solution to the problem, of course, militarize the border.  But even with the growing terrorist threat, that has not been done.

Talking Points opposes the Immigrant Health Act because it is simply unfair to Americans.  Emergency health service to all illegals is humane and must be provided, but that's it.  After an illegal is treated in the emergency room, that person must be deported.

The time has come for the federal government to stop the madness and begin protecting Americans and spending their tax dollars responsibly.  Anything less is outrageous.

And that's the memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time for "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day."

Our favorite town, Berkeley, California is at it again.  An attorney there has collected 3,000 signatures for initiative that would restrict all brewed coffee sales in that town to organic shade grown coffee.  Wow.  That'll be on the ballot next November in Berkeley.  No word yet on how Juan Valdez is reacting, but I suspect he may think it's ridiculous.

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