'The Factor's' New Year's Resolutions...

"The Factor's" resolutions for the New Year.

First, we resolve to continue saving energy. The American people must cut back on oil consumption. It's what we can do to fight the war on terror. OPEC is not looking out for us. Let's all cut back on energy use as much as we can.

Next, we're going to continue looking out for the kids and pushing Jessica's Law to protect them in all 50 states.

We resolve to continue watching all the powerful in America, including the print press, which has drifted sharply left during the Bush administration. Papers like The Dallas Morning News and The Tampa Tribune, which were moderate in the past, are now firmly in the secular camp.

But I must compliment The Los Angeles Times under its new editor. It's become more balanced in its hard news pages. The editorial page is still liberal, but that's fine. Every newspaper has a right to its ideological opinion.

We resolve to hold prominent people accountable when they smear others. That simply has to stop. But karma is kicking in. For example, left wing zealot George Clooney ran around smearing me to try to bring attention to his movies this season. It didn't work. Fewer than four million Americans went to see his first film. And the second one is shaping up to be a big box office bomb.

Now Clooney's a talented guy. He's making a huge mistake using smear tactics.

Publisher's Weekly reports that Dutton printed 750,000 copies of Stuart Smally's new book. According to Nielsen, that book has sold about 150,000 copies. So there will be no Merry Christmas at Dutton. The book's a disaster.

And speaking of disasters, our competitor at MSNBC is a notorious smear merchant. So far this month, December, "The Factor's" third rerun at 4:00 in the morning has beaten the MSNBC's original 8:00 program more than 50 percent of the time. Unbelievable.

"Talking Points" resolves to keep the pressure on the Bush administration to secure the borders because we believe this is a life/death situation.

We resolve to continue watching the ACLU, the nation's most dangerous organization. We resolve to report better, write better, interview better, and interrupt less. That last one may be dicey.

Finally, we resolve in our 10th year to continue bringing you an honest broadcast that is not afraid of anyone. We know your time is valuable. I firmly resolve never to waste it. And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

We're going to be in and out the next few days because of Christmas and New Year's. I just want to tell everybody I really appreciate you guys watching us and being loyal to "The Factor." As I said in the "Talking Points Memo," we are now in our tenth year. And we're still gaining audience around the world.

As you know, many people would like to see us go down in flames, and you are preventing that from happening. So have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah and a healthy New Year.

Again, "Factor" viewers are the best. I really appreciate you guys, and that is not ridiculous.

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